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Celebrate Dr. King's dream by sending students on life-changing travel experiences

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Student quotes:

New York City 2017:

"I thought it was big, not humongous!" -Gisela, 8th grade

"The city was way more crazy than San Francisco." - Lourenco, 7th grade

"New York is a lot more than I expected." - Christine, 8th grade

"I would definitely live here!" - Natalie, 7th grade

"I want to learn more about investing." - Stephania, 8th grade

Washington D.C. 2016:

"It was an amazing experience to learn new things and to learn about my country. I can't express how fascinating it was to see the actual President's house and George Washington's house too." -Alanna, 8th grade

Super Camp 2015:

"I had a great experience going to a new college and learning how to stay focused in high school." - Leemaja, 8th grade

Washington/Philadelphia 2015:

"I could see myself going to a school like this. There's a place at your seat to plug in your cellphone and iPad." - in a classroom at Howard U.

"I'd never been on a plane before. I want to see more outside of Marin City!" - Leemaja, 8th grade

Mosaic Camp 2014:

“What is MOSAIC? Well, that depends on who you’re asking.  It could be about more than just mosaic.  It’s empathizing, conflict resolution, I statements, anti-bullying, and much more.  Let me tell you 3 most important things: MOSAIC values, assertiveness, and conflict resolution." - Jeremiah, 5th grade

Alliance Redwoods retreat 2014:

"I was scared of heights when I arrived, but now I accomplished the ziplining!" - Mariah, 6th grade

"I learned how to try new things." - Stephanie, 7th grade

"When you have something that is hard, don't give up and if you mess up, try again." - Mikayla, 8th grade

"I learned that if you are at the bottom of the obstacle course you have to get to the top no matter what, like with homework, you have to do it." - Alejandra, 8th grade


Oxford summer school 2014:

Read about our Oxford students in the Marin County Post and the Marin IJ

"Oxford was, without hesitation, the most exciting adventure of my life so far...My favorite guest speaker was David Benedictus. I learned from him to think outside the box in a way no one else has ever explained it. What I liked about my classes were all the compassion and drive lead by the students. When people are eager to learn, others are eager to teach...This was the opportunity of a LIFETIME...My friends were from everywhere...Connecticut, New York, California, Florida, Georgia, New Orleans, Chicago, Tennessee, D.C., India, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, France...Future eighth grade graduates who are given this opportunity, go, you won't regret it!"  - Remy, Bayside MLK graduate

"We had a moot court on Monday which my team won!! This has been the best experience of my life and I will never forget it." - Caroline, Bayside MLK graduate

Washington, D.C. trip 2014:

"My favorite part of the trip was getting on an airplane because I’ve never been on one before...I would like to thank all the donors who donated to us because if it wasn't for them, my classmates and I would not have gone on this trip." - Shanjahnique, 8th grade

"I am very grateful to the donors because they made this trip possible for me...My favorite part of the trip was going to the Holocaust Museum because I really wanted to learn more...I liked this trip because I got to meet a lot of new kids from different states and made some new friends." - Caroline, 8th grade