We Have a Dream!

Celebrate Dr. King's dream by sending students on life-changing travel experiences

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Growth Circles benefits 5th-8th grade students from Bayside/MLK School in Marin City, CA, many of whom have never been on an airplane or even traveled beyond California, and most of whom live in subsidized housing and below the poverty line.

Our program funds travel experiences to inspire students to think bigger and achieve more:

  • Class trips to the Washington, D.C. area to enhance students' understanding of U.S. history with visits to the Capitol, the White House, the Smithsonian, the memorials, and college visits to Howard U. and Georgetown U.
  • Class trips to New York City to introduce students to possible career paths from Wall Street to Broadway, including visits to college campuses, as well as museums and historical sites.
  • Scholarships to academic summer programs for graduating 8th graders to attend during the summer before they enter high school; scholarships are granted based on where students apply and are accepted. In 2014, two students attended Oxbridge Academic Programs at Oxford University, England; in 2015, two students attended SuperCamp at different U.S. college campuses
  • Team building retreats and trips requested by teachers: in past years, we've funded trips led by teachers taking students in grades 6-8 to experience ziplines and challenge courses at Alliance Redwoods camp in Occidental, CA, and a 5th grade trip to the Mosaic Project's Outdoor School in Napa, CA; in 2016, the middle school humanities teacher will be leading the Washington D.C. trip open to any 6th-8th grade student

We're giving students a world outlook through experiences that encourage them to move out of their comfort zones into expanding "growth circles" and reduce the size of their panic zones. Thank you for supporting our efforts!